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Our premium motorcycle detailing services are dedicated to providing top-quality care for your bike, ensuring it at its best. From thorough cleaning and polishing to meticulous attention to every detail, we offer services that cater specifically to the unique needs of motorcycles. Leave it to us to enhance your riding experience with a pristine, well-maintained bike that turns heads on every journey.

Securing Your Items

Wheel & Tire Care

Trim Care

Leather Care

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The Details

Paint Correction & Wax ★

Chrome Care

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Our Premium Detailing Options

The Basic

Motorcycles: Starting at $50.00

This package will include:

A premium wash for your bike, taking embedded dirt off your paint and ride on a smooth, new feeling seat.

The Standard ✤

Motorcycles: Starting at $75.00

This package will include:

A thorough wash where we take extra time to add a paint sealant to your bike, enjoy true hydrophobic properties!

The Works ★

Motorcycles: Starting at $130.00

*Adding further paint correction will increase cost of this service.

This package will include:

The ultimate bike restoration to bring your chrome and paint back to showroom condition. If you're looking for even more shine, check out our ceramic coating services

Wheel Cleaner Favicon

Wheel Cleaning

Brake dust, grime and grease can be just some of the few things that come into contact with your wheels. As the part that sees the most wear, wheels are the dirtiest part of a motorcycle. We take extra time taking care of each wheel.

Hand Washing

We believe that every motorcycle should be treated with the same approach to detail regardless of year, make model. We will gently hand wash your bike ensuring swirls and scratches do not appear on it's finish.

Claybar Favicon

Claybar Decontamination

For every wash, we perform a thorough claybar decontamination of your bikes finish, removing stubborn debris that a wash mitt couldn't grab. We utilize different grades of clay based on your clearcoats thickness.

Perpetual Paint Sealant Favicon

Perpetual Paint Sealant

Our perpetual paint sealant is applied to nearly every bike we wash, ensuring a short-term hydrophobic glide to your bikes paint. Offering protection for 1-5 months, depending on environmental factors and driving habits.

Additional add-on Services for Motorcycles

Nano-Ceramic Leather Coating

Motorcycle Detailing FAQs

Q: How long does motorcycle detailing take?

A: Depending on your package selection, it can take anywhere from one to three hours to complete a motorcycle detail.

Q: Do you remove scratches?

A: Yes, on our "The Works ★" package, we offer a one-step polish and wax, or paint sealant. You can take paint correction further to remove more paint defects, if desired. Need more paint correction and protection? Check out our Ceramic Coating services.

Serving Mount Vernon and Beyond:

While our main focus is on serving Mount Vernon, we also extend our services to surrounding areas, including Gambier, Danville, Apple Valley (Howard), Millwood, Bladensburg and Martinsburg.  Some nearby areas may not be on this list, ask us if you're within range!

Estimates for our services depend entirely upon the starting rate for your size of your vehicle, The condition of your vehicles interior and exterior, and the level of detail you desire. If your vehicle has deep stained upholstery, dried solids in carpeting, and or poor paint quality / damaged or no clearcoat, your estimate may be higher than vehicles in average condition. Estimates do not include state sales tax, but are on the final invoice as required by law.

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