Q: Can I customize services based on my needs?

A: Absolutely! if you are getting The Basic, or The Standard and want to point out something specific you want taken care of, we are more than happy to do so.

Q: Do you need to remove seats?

A: No, we can effectively clean your vehicle without removing your driver or passenger seats.

Q: My vehicle isn't that bad, do you do discounts?

A: No, we charge based on the same starting rates and terms for all vehicles regardless if they are brand new or twenty years old.

Q: Do you repair or restore damaged upholstery or plastics?

A: No, we do not re-upholster or repair cracked dashes, peeling steering wheels, ripped leather, trim or anything that falls under a similar category, in the interior or exterior of your vehicle under any circumstances.

Q: What areas do you serve?

A: While our main focus is Mount Vernon, we also serve Gambier, Danville, Apple Valley (Howard) , Millwood, Bladensburg and Martinsburg! Some nearby areas may not be on this list, ask us if you're within range!

Q: Can you fix damaged clearcoat that is peeling?

A: No, if your clearcoat is peeling or no longer present on the vehicle you will need an automotive paint or body shop to perform a repaint on the desired part of your vehicle. We do not reapply clearcoat to vehicles.

Q: Are there fees for getting an appointment outside of your service area?

A1: If you reside outside of our service areas, and require vehicle pickup, a $3.50 per mile fee will be added to the final invoice.

A2: If you reside outside of our service area, but want to drop off your vehicle, the customer may do so at no additional cost.

Q: What makes this better than a car wash?

A: While the local car wash might be able to get surface debris off your paint, car washes can also put swirls and water spots on your vehicle, due to their inefficient automated washing and drying processes. we perform a thorough claybar treatment to remove all dirt off of your vehicle, and ensure that your vehicle will be dry after every wash we do.

Q: How can I be sure my vehicle will be well taken care of?

A: With my background as a commercial custodian and three years of detailing experience, I have the expertise to ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly detailed.

Q: Do you remove swirl marks?

A: Yes, on our "The Works ★" package, we offer a one-step polish to remove the majority of surface level swirls and minor scratches. We then add a wax, or paint sealant. You can take paint correction further to remove more paint defects, if desired. Need more paint correction and protection? Check out our paint correction services.

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