Complete Automotive Detailing in Mount Vernon, OH

It's in the details.

Get everything done to your vehicle conveniently priced in one package. Our premium detailing processes can transform your vehicles interior and exterior back to like-new condition. Removing stains and odors that have built up over time. Unlike the local car wash, we will provide you with an in-depth wheel cleaning, claybar treatment, thorough drying to prevent water spotting. Adding a perpetual paint sealant to protect your vehicles finish and stay cleaner, longer. With that, we guarantee that you'll be happy with the exceptional results of our processes. 

You can view detailed information about what these services entail by going to Interior Detailing and Exterior Detailing.

Our Premium Detailing Options

The Basic

Sedans, Coupes, Hatchback: Starting at $95

Trucks, Vans & SUV's: Starting at $110

This package will include:



The basic exterior wash package is here to show you our entry-level premium wash, promising a better-than-ever looking vehicle to sit in your garage or driveway. Let us take your vehicle through an in-depth wheel cleaning, clay bar treatment, and full drying process to show you the difference we can make for you. Experience the transformation as our meticulous care and premium products bring out the best in your vehicle's exterior, leaving it spotless and gleaming. Trust us at Shep's Automotive Detailing to bring out your car's appearance with our comprehensive exterior wash. A quick interior detail to remove surface dirt and remove the dust from the interior of your vehicle. There is No Deep Cleaning with this service, if you have many stains, heavy odors or large amounts of set-in debris like pet hair, we recommend "The Works ".

The Standard ✤

Sedans, Coupes, Hatchback: Starting at $200

Trucks, Vans & SUV's: Starting at $250

This package will include:



Standard Interior cleaning for moderately dirty vehicles. No Shampoo or Steam cleaning with this service, and at Shep's Automotive Detailing, we know that road tar and other debris just seem to never come off when washing your vehicle. We have the expertise to bring your exterior finish back to showroom condition. Our exterior detailing services go beyond the basics to decontaminate and renew your vehicle's finish. Using specialized products and techniques, we effectively remove stubborn contaminants like road tar, tree sap, and brake dust that ordinary car washes can't handle. We also provide paint correction services to eliminate swirl marks and scratches, ensuring your vehicle's paint is smooth and flawless. With our polishing techniques, perpetual paint sealant and graphene wax, we not only restore your vehicle's original shine but also provide long-lasting protection against future damage.

The Works

Sedans, Coupes, Hatchback: Starting at $250

Trucks, Vans & SUV's: Starting at $320

*Adding further paint correction will increase the starting rate of this service.

This package will include:



A complete transformative interior and exterior detail, The Works package offer the best detailing experience we can provide, aside from ceramic coatings. This service covers everything on the list and goes further to do a one-step polish and wax, making your vehicle stand out like never before.

Sanitize Favicon


We prioritize breathing cleaner air, touching cleaner surfaces and for our clients that means taking on the odors and bacteria inside your vehicle. smells and bacteria can build up in a short period of time, causing respiritory problems and illness.

Wheel Cleaner Favicon

Wheel Cleaning

Brake dust, grime and grease can be just some of the few things that come into contact with your wheels. As the part that sees the most wear, wheels are the dirtiest part of a vehicle. We take extra time taking care of each wheel.

Claybar Favicon

Full Decontamination

For full exterior details, we spray the entire vehicle down with an odor free iron remover, removing iron deposits in your paint, and then thoroughly claybaring the vehicle with a specialized lubricant to prevent marring.

Wax Favicon


Our perpetual ceramic wax contains ceramic silica (Si02) providing a strong layer of protection. This ceramic wax will provide you with extremely hydrophobic paint and protection for up to 6 months, depending on environmental and storage factors.

Additional add-on Services for Interiors

Additional add-on Services for Exteriors

Child Seat Care

Engine Bay Care

Nano-Ceramic Leather Coating

Further Paint Correction



Full Detailing FAQs

Q: Will you remove all stains?

A: While we can work to remove the majority of stains from your vehicles upholstery, depending on how long a stain has sat, and what stained the material, we may not be able to 100% remove the stain, but it will be better than before.

Q: Do you need to remove seats?

A: No, we can effectively clean your vehicle without removing your driver or passenger seats.

Q: What makes this better than a car wash?

A: While the local car wash might be able to get surface debris off your paint, car washes can also put swirls and water spots on your vehicle, due to their inefficient automated washing and drying processes. we perform a thorough claybar treatment to remove all dirt off of your vehicle, and ensure that your vehicle will be dry after every wash we do.

Q: Do you remove swirl marks?

A: Yes, on our "The Works ★" package, we offer a one-step polish to remove the majority of surface level swirls and minor scratches. We then add a wax, or paint sealant. You can take paint correction further to remove more paint defects, if desired. Need more paint correction and protection? Check out our Ceramic Coating services.

Serving Mount Vernon and Beyond:

While our main focus is on serving Mount Vernon, we also extend our services to surrounding areas, including Gambier, Danville, Apple Valley (Howard), Millwood, Bladensburg and Martinsburg.  Some nearby areas may not be on this list, ask us if you're within range!

Estimates for our services depend entirely upon the starting rate for your size of your vehicle, The condition of your vehicles interior and exterior, and the level of detail you desire. If your vehicle has deep stained upholstery, dried solids in carpeting, and or poor paint quality / damaged or no clearcoat, your estimate may be higher than vehicles in average condition. Estimates do not include state sales tax, but are on the final invoice as required by law.

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