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Vacuum & Shampoo

Floor Mat & Pedal Care

Stain Removal

Steam & Odor Control

Interior Plastics & Leather

Jamb Care

Window & Mirror Care

Wheel & Tire Care

Trim Care

Engine Bay Care

The Wash


The Details

Paint Correction & Wax

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The Works

Sedans, Coupes, Hatchback: Starting at $250

Trucks, Vans & SUV's: Starting at $320

*Adding further paint correction will increase cost of this service.

This package will include:



Sanitize Favicon


We prioritize breathing cleaner air, touching cleaner surfaces and for our customers that means taking on the odors and bacteria inside your vehicle. smells and bacteria can build up in a short period of time, causing respiritory problems and illness.

Wheel Cleaner Favicon

Wheel Cleaning

Brake dust, grime and grease can be just some of the few things that come into contact with your wheels. As the part that sees the most wear, wheels are the dirtiest part of a vehicle. We take extra time taking care of each wheel, including the spare if applicable.

Claybar Favicon

Full Decontamination

For full exterior details, we spray the entire vehicle down with an odor free iron remover, removing metal deposits in your paint and then thoroughly claybaring the vehicle.

Wax Favicon


Our ceramic wax is similar to a ceramic coating, but does not have the longevity of a true coating. This ceramic wax will provide you with hydrophobic paint for 2-8 months, depending on environmental and storage factors.



Estimates for our services depend entirely upon the starting rate for your size of your vehicle, The condition of the vehicles interior and exterior, and the level of detail you desire. If your vehicle has deep stained upholstery, dried solids in carpeting, and or poor paint quality / damaged or no clearcoat, your estimate may be higher than vehicles in average condition. Estimates do not include state sales tax, but are on the final invoice as required by law.

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