Uncompromising Commitment to Exceptional Service and Every Detail.

'22 Hyundai Sonata

'02 Miata Interior, Shep's Automotive Detailing

'02 Mazda Miata

'17 Ford Escape Interior, Shep's Automotive Detailing

'17 Ford Escape SE

'17 Chevy Malibu LT

Interior Detailing (Est. 3-7hr)

Our premium detailing processes can transform your vehicles interior back to like-new condition. From restoring faded trim to disinfecting surfaces, We guarantee that you'll be happy with the exceptional results of our processes.

Exterior Detailing (Est. 2-6hr)

Unlike the local car wash, we will provide you with an in depth wheel cleaning, claybar treatment, thorough drying to prevent water spotting. Adding a perpetual paint sealant to protect your vehicles finish and stay cleaner, longer.

'22 Hyundai Sonata

Full Detailing (Est. 5-12hr)

Need the best of both worlds? We've got you covered. Comprehensive detailing services for the entire interior and exterior of your vehicle, all in one package.

Ceramic Coating (2 Day Turnaround)

Cutting edge ceramic coatings with a hard, long lasting layer. Shielding your exterior from scratches, UV damage and marring, while also adding a deep, rich gloss for years to come.

Estimates for our services depend entirely upon the starting rate for your size of your vehicle, The condition of the vehicles interior and exterior, and the level of detail you desire. If your vehicle has deep stained upholstery, dried solids in carpeting, and or poor paint quality / damaged or no clearcoat, your estimate may be higher than vehicles in average condition. Estimates do not include state sales tax, but are on the final invoice as required by law.

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